Use the VidyoGateway API

The VidyoGateway API enables VidyoGateway to convey to an external application the details of an incoming call and to receive a response.

The VidyoGateway API is part of the VidyoGateway experimental features for on-premise. See VidyoGateway experimental features for on-premise.

To use the VidyoGateway API's, you must generate an API key. You can then use the API key to pass API requests to the VidyoGateway. See Enable VidyoGateway experimental features.

Starting with VidyoGateway version 20.2.0, the API requests are sent via https (and http).

In addition, RTMP streaming to a CDN is supported through the VidyoGateway APIs. Both standard RTMP and secure RTMP is supported (as of version 20.2.0). RTMPS works on a TSL/SSL connection which encrypts your live streaming video with an extra layer of security to prevent any third-party from intercepting your data.

To use this API, you require admin rights or super admin rights.

The following method is part of the VidyoGateway API package.

Call Notification