VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter

The VidyoPortal provides central management of the Vidyo devices on the network. It’s an easy-to-use secure web portal that allows for integration with secure LDAP and Active Directory databases for user authentication, as well as maintaining its own user database. The VidyoPortal allows administrators from any location on the network to control every aspect of the video conferencing solution from a central location. Administrators can control system-wide parameters and policies, establish end-user and association privileges, and customize user conferencing capabilities.

The VidyoPortal also acts as a web front for all users of the system. Its flexible user interface facilitates everything required to initiate and manage a call. Users have control over adding, disconnecting, and muting/un-muting participants along with many other conference control parameters. The interface allows users to manage and customize their own contact lists and to initiate reservation-less multipoint conferences, as well as point-to-point calls.

The VidyoRouter is the core infrastructure product for conducting all video conferencing. It is an intelligent routing appliance that uses patented scalable video packet switching technology to achieve unprecedented performance and features without the need for expensive, time consuming transcoding. All video traffic is managed by the VidyoRouter. Additionally, conferences can span across multiple VidyoRouters, achieving maximized WAN utilization, as well as redundancy and efficiency.

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