Vidyo Product End of Life (EOL) Policy

Executive Summary

When Vidyo announces plans to begin the End of Life (EOL) process for a product:

  • Vidyo continues to provide software maintenance including bug fixes and, whenever possible, new functionality for three years following the end of sale.
  • Vidyo continues to provide technical support for the product for five years following the end of sale.


As technology continues to evolve, Vidyo may choose to discontinue selling and/or servicing some products. This End of Life (EOL) process is an essential part of the product life cycle, especially for technology-based products.

This document defines the Vidyo EOL policy, processes, milestones, and terminology for Vidyo products.

The Vidyo EOL policy defines the business and operational processes associated with ending a Vidyo Product’s life cycle and announcing the Product as obsolete. The End of Life process is initiated by the End of Life announcement.

In the context of this document, Vidyo Products can include the following:

  • Hardware-based room systems and servers, as well as peripherals, peripheral interface cards or systems, and remote control systems that were sold by Vidyo and delivered and installed at a customer site directly by Vidyo or by a certified Vidyo partner and appear as a SKU on Vidyo’s price list.
  • Any software package that is made available by Vidyo thru a Product Bulletin.

Products reach their End of Life for a number of reasons, among them:

  • Introduction of new technologies addressing customer needs in a better or more effective way.
  • Lack of availability of third-party components, appliances, and systems.
  • Market drivers and demands.

Upon making an End of Life announcement, Vidyo typically announces whether or not a successor offering is planned.

Vidyo reserves the right to make changes and/or exceptions to this policy and process without notice. This document does not indicate a commitment on the part of Vidyo to include any specific features or release any specific hardware or software. All hardware and software will be released on an if-and-when available basis.

End of Life (EOL) Process

The Vidyo EOL process begins with the End of Life announcement and involves the following major milestones, which are illustrated below:

  • End of Sale: The last date a new Vidyo Product can be delivered by Vidyo. During the period between End of Life announcement and End of Sale (typically 90 days), orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to availability of inventory.
  • End of Software Maintenance: The last date that Vidyo issues maintenance releases or bug fixes for a Vidyo Product. After this date, Vidyo will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test new software versions for the Product.
  • End of Support: The last date customers can receive service and support for a Vidyo Product, such as hardware repair and replacement, and phone and email support. Once a Vidyo Product has reached End of Support, the Product will be considered End of Life and will not be repaired, replaced, or otherwise supported.

End of Life Announcement

Vidyo typically issues an End of Life announcement at least 90 days prior to the End of Sale date. This announcement specifies the affected product, its End of Sale date, its End of Software Maintenance date, and its End of Support date. In some cases, the period may be less than 90 days, including if Vidyo makes available a substitute product with similar or better functionality, form factor, and features at a similar or lower price point.

End of Sale

Upon End of Sale:

  • The affected Vidyo Product will be removed from the Vidyo ordering system and will no longer be generally available for purchase from Vidyo.
  • Customers may continue to purchase or renew applicable software licenses (such as buying VidyoLines for a VidyoRouter) until End of Support.

End of Software Maintenance

After the End of Sale date, Vidyo will continue to ensure that any generally available Anchor Releases are compatible with the Vidyo Product until the End of Software Maintenance. An Anchor release is a release that has been designated an Anchor by a Vidyo Product Bulletin. For more information, please refer to the Vidyo Standard Software Maintenance Policy.

During the time between the End of Sale date and the End of Software Maintenance of a Vidyo Product, Non-Anchor Releases may not be compatible with the Vidyo Product.

End of Support

The End of Support date for a Vidyo Product is typically 60 months following the End of Sale date. Customers may purchase support services after the End of Sale date to obtain services through the End of Support date.

Vidyo will make support services available for affected Vidyo Products until the applicable End of Support date. For products that are covered under warranty or an applicable Vidyo support service plan, Vidyo will provide support and maintenance services as listed in Vidyo’s Service Handbook and according to the effective customer service plan.