Version 21.2.0

What's new in this release?

  • Resolved issues
  • This release fixes two issues to enhance the reliability and usability of the VidyoGateway. For more details, see the "Resolved Issues" section below.
  • System updates
  • For added security and stability, updates for multiple third-party packages and libraries are included as part of this release.

Important notices

  • You must upgrade to VidyoGateway version 21.2.0 from VidyoGateway version 20.1.0 or later. Therefore, if you have a VidyoGateway version earlier than 20.1.0, you must first upgrade to 20.1.0 and then upgrade to version 21.2.0. Please refer to the “Upgrade a VidyoGateway 20.1.0 Cluster to Version 21.2.0” section below for more information. These steps must be done in order.
  • Additionally, you can refer to the Upgrade Steps Lookup Tool article on the Vidyo Support Center for information on how to upgrade to VidyoGateway version 21.2.0 from the version you are currently running. This article lists the steps you need to take for your particular version, including which Security Updates you may or may not need to install.
  • If you have installed a previous VidyoGateway version 21.2.0 beta, you should first downgrade your VidyoGateway to 20.1.0 using the Recovery Utility on the System Console, and then upgrade directly to the GA 21.2.0 version. For more information, please refer to "Running the Recovery Utility" in the Performing Advanced Configuration section of the VidyoGateway Administrator Guide.


  • VidyoGateway version 21.2.0 is compatible with VidyoPortal version 18.4.0 and later.


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VidyoGateway version 20.1.0 or later

Upgrade a VidyoGateway 20.x.x cluster to version 21.2.0

To upgrade a VidyoGateway 20.x.x cluster to version 21.2.0, please perform the following steps in order:

  • Place all Cluster Nodes into Maintenance mode.
  • Upgrade all the Cluster Nodes.
  • When the Cluster Node upgrades are completed and back online, upgrade the current Standby Controller.
  • When the Standby Controller upgrade is complete, upgrade the Active Controller.
    The previous Standby Controller will now become the 21.2.0 Active Controller.
  • When the former 20.x.x Active Controller completes its upgrade, it will then become the 21.2.0 Standby Controller.

Resolved issues

The following table lists the issues we resolved in VidyoGateway version 21.2.0.

VidyoGateway version 21.2.0 - resolved issues




Call interruptions no longer occur when Polycom RMX joins a Vidyo call and either takes over the ongoing content share or starts its content share.


RTMP live streaming to the Momindum application now works as expected.

Known issues

There are no new known issues for this release; however, to view the previous known issues, please see the known issues for VidyoGateway section.