Version 22.2.0

What's new in this release?

  • Ability to configure the URI for outbound calls on a Service Prefix level
  • You can now configure the fromURI parameter using the Advanced Options field on the VidyoGateway Admin Portal Services tab. Any outbound calls dialed via that profile will then use that parameter.
  • For more information, refer to the "Managing Services" section of version 22.2.0 of the VidyoGateway Administrator Guide.
  • Interoperability with VOIP SIP services
  • We updated our SIP proxy discovery so that we are now compatible with more VOIP SIP services.
  • tlsMaxVersion on the SIP load balancer extended to 1.3
  • The maximum value of the tlsMaxVersion on the SIP load balancer for the VidyoGateway has been updated from 1.2 to 1.3.


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VidyoGateway version 22.1.0 or later

Upgrade a VidyoGateway 22.1.0 cluster to version 22.2.0

To upgrade a VidyoGateway 22.1.0 cluster to version 22.2.0, please perform the following steps in order:

  • Place all Cluster Nodes into Maintenance mode.
  • Upgrade all the Cluster Nodes.
  • When the Cluster Node upgrades are completed and back online, upgrade the current Standby Controller.
  • When the Standby Controller upgrade is complete, upgrade the Active Controller. The previous Standby Controller will now become the Active Controller.
  • When the former Active Controller completes its upgrade, it will then become the Standby Controller.

Resolved issues

The following table lists the issue we resolved in VidyoGateway version 22.2.2.

VidyoGateway version 22.2.2 - resolved issues




On a new deployment of a VidyoGateway cluster, the embedded local media node on the controller now gets fully initialized.

Known issues

There are no new known issues for this release; however, to view the previous known issues, please see the known issues for VidyoGateway section.