VidyoGateway known issues

The following table lists the known issues in VidyoGateway.




The "You are the only person in the call" prompt cannot currently be modified.


If a user has duplicate entries in their CA file, calls to legacy endpoints do not connect successfully.


H.323 calls that go through the gatekeeper do not show the EndpointPublicIPAddress correctly in the CDR.


When an H.323 call is dialed out to a legacy device via a saved Legacy Endpoint Alias, the IP address of the device is displayed in the call rather than the device's alias.


If a user adds a service prefix on the "Add Service" pop-up on the VidyoGateway Admin UI Services tab and then clicks Save, the VidyoGateway sometimes reboots.


When participants first dial into a video conference, audio-only participants are audible to other participants during the welcome message and DTMF instructions (e.g., enable disable entry/exit and mute/unmute audio). The audio-only participant does not hear the other participants during this time (there is only one-way audio) and will only start to hear other participants when the instructions have fully played.


If audio-only participants join a call where all users are hard-muted, the audio-only participants are not muted but the UI on the portal moderation page shows them as muted.

Workaround: Confirm trusted CA bundle does not have duplicate entries. Once confirmed, re-upload trusted CA bundle.


When dialing to a Webex SIP address, video may not get negotiated correctly. Workaround: Use a H.323 service profile to join the conference.


The H.323 service will not start if the configured H.245 TCP port is lower than 1025.

Workaround: Configure the minimum H.245 TCP port to 1025 or higher.


SNMP MediaQualtiyThresholdAlert trap may not show the correct value for jitter.


When a Safari browser is used to export whitelisted and blacklisted IP addresses, the export may fail.


When hundreds of trusted authority certificates are imported, the Security > Advanced tab takes a long time to load. In some cases, the browser may warn that the server is unresponsive.