Michael Haschker

Michael HaschkerWith 19 years of network systems and 10 years of telehealth technology leadership experience, I have a demonstrated track record of successfully leading initiatives and achieving results. My career at the Medical University of South Carolina has afforded me the opportunity to design, implement and support large campus networks ( > 60,000 nodes), Statewide healthcare networks and high speed, high bandwidth research and educational networks (40 Gigabit DWDM ).

In my role as MUSC, Manager of Network Systems, I participated in the design and implementation of the South Carolina Light Rail (SCLR), the state’s largest high speed, education and research network. In 2007, I was asked by the CIO of the Medical University of South Carolina to participate in the design and creation of a statewide healthcare network. This network is known as the Palmetto State Providers Network (PSPN). With over 300 connected sites, PSPN is the largest statewide healthcare / telehealth network in the United States. To respond to the charge of deploying a statewide telehealth network, I provide technical guidance and leadership for a team of Telehealth Engineers that actively supports South Carolina sites receiving or providing telehealth services. The Telehealth Technology team also supports a school-based telehealth program that has expanded from 3 to 50 schools and is recognized as one of the fastest growing school-based telehealth networks in the country. Our success in addressing healthcare access for rural communities has garnered the attention of the S.C. Legislature which has responded to these results with continued financial support and a current investment totaling $84.4 million.

In 2012 and through these efforts, I changed career paths with a focus on Telehealth and addressing healthcare access in underserved communities. I work collaboratively on statewide strategic and technical planning and furthering the health of South Carolinians with telehealth technology through the formation of the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance (SCTA). In my SCTA role, I lead the Technology Advisory Committee which reports directly to the SCTA Advisory Board. I have installed telehealth technologies throughout the state of South Carolina and for MUSC’s global health missions in Honduras and Uganda. I have worked with physicians, legislators and the Director of Public Health in Honduras in the delivery of telehealth programs and services.

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