Wendy Deibert

Wendy DeibertWendy joined Vidyo, Inc. in October of 2016 as the VP of Clinical Solutions. She assists vendors, health systems, and clinicians across the US and internationally to integrate virtual care/telehealth into their products, systems, and care delivery models. Wendy spent 30+ years in nursing as a bedside critical care nurse, manager, senior consultant, operations, and vice president. Wendy, as the vice president of telehealth services, was an integral in building Mercy Virtual, the first hospital with no patients that enables160+ clinicians caring for patients remotely. During her time at Mercy, she developed a telehealth team and converted more than 500 critical care/step-down beds to this electronic ICU technology at 15+ hospitals across five states, launched 30 telestroke site programs, developed a telesepsis program that monitors over 3000 beds, created the first eAcute/eHospitalist program across three hospitals and launched over 70+ telehealth programs. As part of this transformation of care at Mercy, and with the use of telehealth technology, she lead/participated in the design of the world’s first virtual care center in Chesterfield Missouri which opened in August 2015.  In May of 2017, Wendy graduated with an Executive MBA from Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

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