Alert: VidyoConnect for Mobile (iOS/iPadOS)

We are tracking a known issue that impacts audio on VidyoConnect app users on iPad and iPhones on iOS/iPad OS (16.5).

Update: August 10, 2023.

  • We have seen improvement on iOS/iPadOS 16.6.
  • Please update your devices to the latest OS version on iPads and iPhones.

Which products are affected?

  • VidyoConnect for iOS/iPadOS
  • OS Versions: The issue has been observed on iPadOS/iOS 16.5.
  • App Version: We have observed this issue on the latest versions of our applications (22.6.1) but since this is an OS related issue, and not an app related issue, this will impact older versions of the app running on the iOS/iPadOS 16.5.
  • This will affect both iPhones and iPads, but we’ve seen a higher prevalence on iPads.

Known symptoms

  • Intermittent audio issues on iPad. There are two possible symptoms that an impacted user will observe:
  • The user will not be able to hear the other participants in the conference.
  • Other participants will not be able to hear the impacted user.

Known conditions for the issue to occur

  • The issue is known to occur at the beginning of a call.
  • This means a user will not randomly lose audio in the middle of a call.

Root cause

We have identified an issue with audio initialization on iOS/iPadOS 16.5. We have added a fix to our upcoming release (VidyoConnect for iOS/iPadOS, app version 23.1) that is planned for release in the coming weeks.

As more details become available, Vidyo will provide further updates on the root cause, workarounds, and fix.

What actions can I take?

  • Update your iOS/iPadOS to the latest version: 16.6.
  • If the issue presents itself you can try these simple workarounds:
  • If you can’t hear others in the conference: Try muting and unmuting your speaker.
  • If others can’t hear you: Try muting and unmuting your microphone.
  • If the above two don’t help: Exit the call, wait 5 seconds, and rejoin the call.

Need help?

If you still need help you can contact your Vidyo Reseller or the Vidyo Support Team via email or phone at the locations listed in the Contact us article.