Alert: VidyoConnect for WebRTC (Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 & 11)

We are tracking a known issue that impacts WebRTC users on Windows 10 & 11 when using Microsoft Edge.

Which products are affected?

  • VidyoConnect for WebRTC with Microsoft Edge on Windows only
  • No known issues for Chrome users on Windows or macOS
  • No known issues for Edge users on macOS

Users impacted by the issue

Microsoft Edge users on Windows who are receiving screenshares sent from VidyoConnect for Desktop version 22.1.0 or later.

Known symptoms

  • Microsoft Edge browser on Windows may stop receiving consistent video (shared feed and remote participants’ camera feed) for up to two minutes when a VidyoConnect for Desktop (Version 22.1.0 or later) user is sharing their screen.
  • The tiles may show as blurred or black while audio is still being sent and received.

Known conditions for the issue to occur

The issue will not occur unless all of the conditions below have been met:

  • Vidyo conference call with at least 2 participants: one participant using VidyoConnect WebRTC and the other using VidyoConnect Desktop version 22.1.0 or later.
  • User of Desktop: Sends a screenshare using VidyoConnect for Desktop version 22.1.0 or later.
  • User of WebRTC: Receives a screenshare on VidyoConnect for WebRTC using Microsoft Edge browser on Windows.
  • PC has hardware decoding enabled for VP9 video codec.
  • On certain PCs that meet minimum hardware specs Microsoft Edge has hardware acceleration for VP9 enabled by default.
  • The issue was reported in Edge 113 and has been verified to occur in Edge 114 when the above conditions have been met.

Root cause

Microsoft Edge is currently having trouble decoding single layer VP9 video when using hardware accelerated decoding. Screenshares are typically encoded in this manner.

While our teams are investigating a workaround in-house, we have opened a ticket with Microsoft and are tracking it here.

As more details become available, Vidyo will provide updates on the root cause, workarounds, and fix.

What actions can I take?

  • Disable the use hardware acceleration when available setting in edge://settings/system. This disables hardware decoding of video in Edge browsers, so making this adjustment can have a significant impact on performance and battery life.
  • If possible, initiate the screenshare from another endpoint that is not affected:
  • VidyoConnect for WebRTC on Chrome, Safari or Edge
  • Chrome, Safari or Edge (WebRTC)
  • VidyoConnect for Desktop version 21.6.x
  • Or, receive the screenshare on an endpoint that is not affected:
  • VidyoConnect for WebRTC on Chrome or Safari
  • VidyoConnect for Desktop

Need help?

If you still need help you can contact your Vidyo Reseller or the Vidyo Support Team via email or phone at the locations listed in the Contact Us article.