Mobile in-call

This page contains the in-call controls for VidyoConnect for Mobile.

Mobile in-call controls

When you are in a call, a toolbar appears at the bottom of the VidyoConnect mobile application.



Leave the call

Disconnect from the meeting.


View the participants list. If you are the meeting moderator, additional controls appear in this list. See Moderate a meeting and Record a meeting.



Mute or unmute your microphone. See also Change settings on Mobile.



Turn on or turn off your camera. See also Change settings on Mobile.



Disable all video and become a voice-only participant. The icon changes to green when enabled. Voice-only participants can still share and view content. See also Change settings on Mobile.


View more call controls.



Boost the volume by 5x. The icon changes to green when enabled.



Mute or unmute your speaker.

Closed captioning

View closed captioning on your screen during calls.



Blur your background during video calls. The icon changes to green when enabled. See also Change settings on Mobile.

Reverse camera

Reverse the camera.


Share your device screen. See Share content in a meeting.


Access and join the group chat or private chat (for Desktop and WebRTC versions 23.2.0 and later, and Mobile version 23.3.0 and later). The chat panel opens on the right. See Use in-call private chat.

Request help

Indicate to the call moderator that you need to ask a question, make a comment, or otherwise request help while in a breakout room during a call. (If you are not in a breakout room, this button doesn’t appear.) The icon changes to green and remains on your screen until the moderator responds to your request.

Invite to call

Invite a participant to the call. You can search for the participant and then call them, email them, or send them a link to the call.

Far-end camera control

Remotely control a participant's camera, if enabled. This control appears on the participant's video.

Join and leave a breakout room

As a call participant, you can join a breakout room only if the moderator of the call chooses to move you to a breakout room.

When the call moderator moves you to a breakout room, a pop-up appears on your VidyoConnect screen indicating that you are being moved to another room. Additionally, when being moved from the main conference room to a breakout room or when being moved from breakout room to breakout room, your interface is temporarily disabled.

Another pop-up appears to inform you of the successful move to the new room. Click the Hide button to remove the pop-up or wait until the countdown completes for the pop-up to disappear automatically.

When you click the Leave the call button, the End conference pop-up appears. You can then tap End conference to exit both the room and the main conference, tap Exit room to exit the room but return to the main conference, or tap Cancel to remain in the room.