Tzachi Levy

SVP Product Management

Tzachi Levy serves as Vidyo’s Senior Vice President for Product Management, leading the company product strategy, mission, and roadmap. With over twenty years of multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience in engineering, product development, services, and sales, Tzachi oversees a cross-functional team and is responsible for launching Vidyo’s product portfolio as well as for the growth and expansion of Vidyo’s SaaS business. Tzachi originally joined Vidyo in 2015 as the Director of Sales Engineering and Professional Services for EMEA. In 2017, he moved to the New Jersey headquarters to oversee Product Management.

 Prior to Vidyo, Tzachi worked at RADVision, a technology leader in video communication, where he had multiple positions in engineering and eventually served as Associate Vice President for Engineering, leading over 100 developers globally. In 2009 he started a professional services organization as part of the networking business unit. After RADVision’s acquisition by Avaya, Tzachi took responsibility for the Video Conferencing Solution Management.