Vidyo Resource Center

Solution Briefs

  • Telehealth Clinical Design Services

    The Vidyo VirtualDesign service ensures success for care providing organizations looking to implement effective and sustainable telehealth programs. VirtualDesign is comprised of a proven repeatable framework for telehealth program design and is complemented by live coaching from experts with years of experience and expertise in building and deploying successful telehealth programs.

  • VidyoEngage

    VidyoEngage is a customer-facing video solution. For healthcare providers, financial services organizations or large enterprises, VidyoEngage bridges the gap between online convenience and emotional connections with patients, customers or high value clients. With VidyoEngage, the highest quality real-time video can be integrated into your organization’s website, mobile app, or in-branch kiosk, for a face-to-face interaction that creates a genuine interpersonal connection.

  • VidyoEngage for Genesys

    The VidyoEngage for Genesys is a solution that provides a personal touch to the contact center that will elevate customer/agent interaction. With communications and understanding improved through the use of video, agents can resolve tickets quicker, increase net promoter score and effectively meet other KPIs. The ability to share desktop applications from both sides of the conversation improves upsell opportunities, all while delivering an added level of collaboration to high value customer and agent interactions.

  • Life in 2025

    How will emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, and pervasive video communications change everyday life in the future? This profile by Frost & Sullivan imagines how video transforms everyday life in 2025.

  • Life in 2025 – Corporate Executive

    How will emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, and pervasive video communications change everyday life in the future? This profile by Frost & Sullivan imagines a day in the life of a corporate executive in 2025.

  • Life in 2025 – College Student

    How will emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, and pervasive video communications change everyday life in the future? This profile by Frost & Sullivan imagines a day in the life of a college student in 2025.

  • Life in 2025 – Military Personnel

    How will emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, and pervasive video communications change everyday life in the future? This profile by Frost & Sullivan imagines a day in the life of military personnel in 2025.

  • Life in 2025 – Bride to Be

    How will emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, and pervasive video communications change everyday life in the future? This profile by Frost & Sullivan imagines a day in the life of bride to be in 2025.

  • Life in 2025 – ICU Nurse

    How will emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, and pervasive video communications change everyday life in the future? This profile by Frost & Sullivan imagines a day in the life of an ICU nurse in 2025.

  • Vidyo® & Intel® NUC: The VidyoRoom™ HD-40

    Vidyo is changing the way we connect over video by providing an affordable, yet powerful, flexible and scalable software-based solution. With the compact VidyoRoom HD-40 based on the Intel NUC, users experience incredible high quality video, audio and content collaboration into fixed endpoint environments at dramatically lower price points.

  • Vidyo Enabled eCommerce

    Vidyo personal advisor solutions enable e-commerce retailers to provide personal face-to-face customer engagements leading to increased brand loyalty.

  • VidyoWorks and Verint – Highly Scalable, Secure Audio Recording for Video Contact Centers

    With Vidyo and Verint, video calls are seamlessly integrated into the audio recording system, allowing the same monitoring, training and analysis applied to other communication channels.

  • Vidyo Enabled Healthcare Services

    Healthcare providers are turning to Vidyo to connect physicians with patients for everything from routine checkups and home health services to stroke assessments and surgical consults. The VidyoWorks platform delivers video-enabled healthcare services that bring physicians and patients closer together across the continuum of care.

  • Vidyo Enabled Insurance Services

    Insurance companies are adopting the VidyoWorks platform to deliver video-enabled insurance services that foster more personalized, collaborative and lasting relationships with partners and customers.

  • Vidyo Enabled Customer Service & Support

    Innovative companies see opportunities to transform customer service and support from a cost center focused on damage control into a source of value creation that builds customer loyalty. These innovators are looking to video-enabled support services to ensure customers have the best possible experience with their products, and they are using the VidyoWorks platform to deliver those services.

  • Vidyo Enabled Financial Services

    The financial industry is turning to Vidyo and adopting the VidyoWorks platform to deliver video-enabled financial services that cultivate stronger, more lasting relationships with clients.

  • Vidyo for Triage & Disaster Response

    When disaster strikes – natural or manmade, a coordinated and comprehensive response is critical to saving lives and protecting citizens. Disaster response requires extensive planning and training, expert triage, real-time assessment, interoperable communications and a strong partnership with area hospitals and trauma centers. All responders must be able communicate and coordinate services quickly and effectively. Connecting with the right healthcare providers, from planning to recovery, is critical to saving lives.

  • Vidyo for Specialty Care and Consultants

    Many patients in need of access to speciality care are unable to travel to see the specialist as often as is necessary for effective treatment. This is exacerbated in cases where a patient with complex medical issues needs access to multiple specialists. Rural clinics also need access to specialists in order to provide the continum of care necessary to treat patients effectively.

  • Vidyo for Providing Care to Non-Traditional Locations

    Greater access to healthcare services and education can be limited by any number of factors. The ability to deliver these services in non-traditional locations can go a long way to meeting the needs of diverse and under-served populations. With video communication, you can reach more people and reduce their anxiety when faced with a healthcare system that can be difficult to understand. Bringing needed services and education within the reach of those in need improves health, reduces overall costs and helps communities thrive.

  • Vidyo for Heath Education and Outreach

    Health education and outreach for preventative care is an essential component in a well-rounded healthcare system. The better informed people are of challenges and risks to basic health and the appropriate steps to maintain good health, the more likely they are to follow. Healthy citizens are more productive and their healthcare costs are lower. The best outreach programs cover a wide variety of topics and are easily accessible.

  • Vidyo for Continuing Nursing and Medical Education

    Healthcare professionals need access to consistent and frequent professional development. Healthcare providers need training to maintain their credentials and to stay abreast of the latest advancements in their chosen fields. Patients will receive better care when their healthcare providers are able to receive the best professional development available.

  • Vidyo for Chronic Disease Management

    Chronic disease management requires frequent interaction among patients, primary care providers, specialists, and other community resources. If ongoing care and support is easily accesible, affordable, and responsible, patients are more likely to remain with in management program and keep the disease in check.

  • Vidyo for Behavioral and Mental Health

    Behavioral and Mental Health is as important as traditional health care and is extremely well suited for video conferencing. E-Therapy and tele-mental health are both terms that refer to this type of healthcare.

  • Vidyo + Kaltura

    Because the Best Video Conferencing Deserves the Best Video Management

  • VidyoWorks & Interactive Intelligence: A Higher-QualityCustomer Engagement

    Integrating Vidyo with Customer Interaction Center results in higher-quality customer engagement

  • Vidyo for Virtual School Education

    Every year, Virtual Schools and Virtual Classrooms give students and teachers greater access and more choices for full- or part-time teaching and learning opportunities. It’s a practical approach to education that brings together qualified teachers with youth who may be working students, live in rural areas, or be in need of advanced or remedial courses beyond what their school can offer.

  • Vidyo for Shared Instructors and Virtual Classes

    The needs of today’s college and university students are changing. Many students are working part-time to finance their education. Others are adults returning to school for an advanced degree with career growth in mind. More often than not, these students need access to classes offered by multiple institutions and outside of the traditional school day. Modern video conferencing technology goes a long way to meeting these needs by creating virtual learning environments.

  • Vidyo for Vocational Education

    Workforce readiness is a national priority and a strong program in vocational education can help more students transition smoothly into the workforce. Vocational education aims to develop the academic, vocational,
    technical skills of the student while providing an understanding of “all aspects” of focused industries.

  • Vidyo for School-based Healthcare

    Schools are charged with providing the highest quality education possible. However, students suffering from physical or mental health issues may often miss school or be disruptive in class. School-based healthcare aims to
    bring services directly to students in school so they can succeed in the classroom.

  • Vidyo for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are essential building blocks of a modern education. The Arts encourage creative thinking and skills. Music education aids in the understanding of mathematics. Drawing, painting and 3D Art promote understanding of perspective and spatial relationships that benefit architecture and engineering fields. The Performing Arts build strong communication skills. Together these education components are known as STEAM.

  • Vidyo for Foreign Language Instruction

    Continued globalization puts foreign language skills at a premium. Yet schools are struggling to provide adequate foreign language instruction for their students due to budget cuts, staffing and other considerations.

  • Vidyo for Special Education

    Special Education serves students with learning and communication challenges, emotional and behavioral disorders, physical disabilities and developmental disorders. Individualized Education Programs focus on teaching
    methods, adapted equipment and materials, accessible settings and more. The goal is for students to achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and success in school and community than would be possible if the student were only given access to a typical classroom education.

  • Vidyo for Student Recruitment

    In modern society, the need for students to pursue higher education is greater than ever. However, high-quality but lesser known schools may not be on students’ radar. Or their tuition fees or distance from students’ home towns may create a perception that they are out of reach. At the same time, many students struggle to navigate the sometimes complex steps and requirements to find and apply to schools best-suited to their academic goals and financial resources.

  • Vidyo for Reading & Literacy

    The United States is a highly-literate country, but there’s still more to be done to reach underserved communities and immigrants with effective literacy programs. Students of all ages need greater access to proper and consistent instruction so they can become proficient English-language readers, writers and speakers.

  • Vidyo for Research in Higher Education

    In the Humanities & Sciences, basic and applied research require extensive communication from inception through final publication of results. Research is often conducted by teams of scientists located around the world. When teams like these are working on scientific breakthroughs, they need a reliable way to collaborate on their work and share their findings effectively in real-time if they are to succeed.

  • Vidyo for Professional Development

    Ensuring the quality of America’s 3.2 million teachers is tantamount to providing a quality education to our youth. Studies show that teacher quality is the primary school-related factor affecting student achievement. Students who are taught by effective and competent teachers excel quickly, while students assigned to the least effective teachers lag behind.

  • Vidyo for Mentoring and Networking

    Today’s students need to engage with people and resources beyond the traditional classroom in order to make the connections and gain the insights necessary to succeed after graduation. As the saying goes, “when it comes to launching a career, it’s not just what you know, but who you know”. Participating in networking and mentoring groups can help students as they prepare to enter the workforce.

  • Vidyo for Individualized Education Programs

    Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, students with disabilities are entitled to a free, appropriate public education. For each student, the act requires schools to collaborate with other service providers and parents on an Individualized Education Program (IEP). This program is tailored to the individual student’s disability and delivered in the least restrictive environment possible with respect to the student’s learning. The ultimate goal is to prepare these students for further education, employment and independent living.

  • Vidyo for Libraries and Community Services

    Youth and adults go to the local library for much more than just checking out books! Modern libraries are vital community resource centers that provide access to children’s programs, literature, technology, educational services and more.

  • Vidyo for Early Education

    A quality education begins at birth. Children enrolled in learning programs as early as age 2 can benefit from content delivered over interactive video. Parents of young children can benefit from workshops and access to services that make them active participants in a successful early learning process.

  • Vidyo for Libraries and Job Training

    Community libraries have reinvented themselves from quiet book loaning locations to community resource centers that leverage information technology to serve residents. In addition to traditional library programs such as book clubs and story time, many libraries offer continuing education content and access to key community services including technology resources for jobless and under-employed citizens.

  • Vidyo for College Prep

    The transition from high school to college is a significant endeavor for students. With more choices for higher education today than ever before, students need access to advisors and relevant information to help them select the right school and program of study. An effective college prep program connects students with educators and coursework to ensure a successful transition.

  • Teaching Advanced Students via Vidyo

    Student achievement should be encouraged and every opportunity to excel should be provided to the students who want it.

  • Vidyo for Curriculum Enhancement

    Today’s students benefit from classroom experiences rich in supplemental activities, bringing course material to life, engaging the learner more fully and inspiring a love of learning. Video technology opens opportunities for fieldtrips and extra-curricular activities that were previously limited by scheduling, travel and budget constraints.

  • Vidyo for First Responder Training

    During public emergencies, we rely on the ability of our First Responders to provide a coordinated and effective response. To ensure that First Responders get the best training possible requires extensive planning and coordination among agencies. They need access to high quality training at all certification levels in an environment that encourages leadership development and peer mentoring. Our ability to deliver a focused, interactive training program empowers our First Responders to keep our communities safe.

  • Vidyo and 2+2+2 Programs

    Obtaining a higher education degree can be a long and expensive process. Students who have chosen a course of study before senior high school often want to start working towards their chosen degree program as soon as possible. Offering students accelerated programs can help them reach their goals sooner while reducing overall educational expense for the students and their families.

  • Vidyo for Emergency Preparedness

    During public emergencies, government agencies are on the front lines serving the community. To maintain operational continuity and provide essential services means that every responding organization must have a plan and
    be fully prepared to carry it out, working in concert with other responders. Planning takes time, requires substantial interagency collaboration and costs money to maintain in a state of readiness at all times.

  • Vidyo for Courts and Corrections

    Today’s courts and correctional systems face budget pressures, increasing case loads, rising inmate populations and public safety concerns—making it difficult to achieve operational efficiency. Increasingly, they are turning to video conferencing to improve efficiency across the board. In this environment, video conmunications technology must be seamless, reliable and secure or it won’t be adopted at all.

  • Vidyo for Emergency Response

    When a natural or manmade disaster strikes, a coordinated and comprehensive response is critical to saving lives and protecting citizens. Disaster response requires extensive planning and training, expert triage, real-time assessment and interoperable communications. All responding agencies must be able to communicate and coordinate services quickly and effectively in order to protect the community and its citizens.

  • Vidyo for ADA Compliance – Deaf Population

    Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), any state or local service, program or offering, any hospital, hotel, motel, place of public accommodation or business with more than 15 employees must provide effective means of communication for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Often, the best means of communication is through American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. However, ASL interpreters may not be needed frequently or for a long enough time to make it economically feasible to have a full-time interpreter onsite.