Results illustrate real-time video applications moving
beyond video conferencing to reach customers on their preferred personal device

Hackensack, NJ — October 30, 2018 — Vidyo, Inc., the leader in embedded real-time video solutions, in collaboration with, a specialist in WebRTC, today announced the launch of a new report, “The Rise of Embedded Video Communications: Video Becomes Mission Critical for Customer Engagement.” This year’s report reveals that 80% of product development professionals feel that embedded video is extremely or very important in engaging with their customers.

More than 65% of survey participants indicated plans to embed video into their applications over the next 12 months, an increase of 35% from a year ago. Three of the top four use cases cited by respondents involve organization-to-customer communication, including technical support, customer service engagement, and video-assisted sales.

The survey also shows that experienced users chose Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), the type of service provided by Vidyo’s vidyo.ioTM offering, as the preferred development method for embedded video. The top reasons for this were CPaaS’s customization options, fully hosted service, and short implementation time.

“These results show that real-time embedded video is fast becoming a vital factor in customer communication strategies across vertical markets,” said Gary Schwartz, senior vice president of marketing at Vidyo. “Research indicates that with so many interactions shifting to self-service, customer service organizations find that the more complex the request, the more appropriate the video channel is for resolution.”

According to the survey, less-experienced teams more often chose to develop video capabilities themselves or to use open-source software. The study suggests that  those who developed embedded video components this year chose CPaaS nearly twice as often as using open source or developing the capability themselves.

“With so many developers telling us that video communications is important, it’s instructive to note why they choose CPaaS over other solutions,” said Tsahi Levent-Levi, owner of “That it’s customizable, fully hosted, managed, and scales automatically all speak to the reduced cost and time to implement. We’ve been predicting for so long that ‘next year is the year’ for video communications — it’s no surprise that we’re now at a point well beyond just video conferencing.”

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