Customer applications today strive to create seamless user experiences that create a foolproof method for the end user to engage with the brand via face-to-face video collaboration. Vidyo, Inc.’s newly released WebRTC products address this need by enabling a simple, plug-in free way to join Vidyo meetings from modern web browsers in a single click.

“Financial services, healthcare and retail companies with strong customer engagement use cases, want an easier way for customers, patients, agents or doctors to join a video conference by eliminating the need for installations or plug-ins,” said Nicholas Reid, Vidyo Senior Vice President of Product Management. “Vidyo’s WebRTC-enabled products offer customers even more flexibility and choice in their Vidyo deployment. From our partnership with Google to co-develop scalable VP9 for WebRTC to the release we are sharing today; Vidyo is bullish on the potential for WebRTC to make face-to-face communication as ubiquitous and hassle-free as texting or calling.”

"WebRTC is becoming ubiquitous and pervasive. So many already use WebRTC  today without even knowing it – just by clicking on a link to start an interaction,” said Tsahi Levent-Levi, WebRTC analyst at “With Vidyo’s support of WebRTC enterprises now have both the freedom and flexibility that users expect today."

The Vidyo Server for WebRTC 3.2 provides a gateway that enables applications running in WebRTC-enabled web browsers to leverage the power of the Vidyo infrastructure without requiring a plug-in. Enterprises can provide simple guest access to their Vidyo meetings using VidyoWeb 3.2 and developers can easily incorporate videoconferencing into their web apps.

VidyoWeb 3.2 is the newest version of Vidyo’s browser-based application endpoint that works in tandem with the Vidyo Server for WebRTC to give participants using WebRTC enabled browsers an installation-free experience when joining meetings. VidyoWeb 3.2 uses the Vidyo Server APIs to allow guest users to join Vidyo meetings on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and also allows Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari users to join meetings using a plug-in. VidyoWeb 3.2 also includes new features such as lecture mode, waiting room, group chat, and personal chat.

Vidyo’s platform and APIs enable enterprises, developers and solutions providers across a wide variety of markets and applications to deploy cloud-based, including hybrid, and on-premises solutions that address increasing demands to integrate visual communications into productivity solutions, workflows and business processes. Vidyo’s Hosted VidyoConferencing TM offering provides teams of any size the tools to deploy simple, optimized, cloud-based video collaboration with a rich feature set. Vidyo’s upcoming PaaS offering will give developers a simplified way to embed secure, scalable, high-quality multiparty video and collaboration into any workflow, application, endpoint or IoT form factor.

Vidyo’s latest WebRTC-enabled products are available today. Vidyo customers with active Vidyo Support contracts can obtain both products for free. Existing Vidyo customers should visit the Vidyo Support site for details on how to order.

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