Vidyo, Inc. today announced the VidyoWorks™ Contact Center Reference Design, a developer resource kit that includes customizable client and agent contact center Web apps which work with the VidyoWorks APIs to enable call center providers, enterprises, system integrators, and Web developers to create video contact center experiences. This reference design facilitates Web development for scalable, multi-party-capable, video-enabled contact centers without requiring deep video communication expertise. Vidyo is enabling companies to create engaging, high quality interactions with dramatically reduced development costs and time to market.

Vidyo will be demonstrating its new VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design this week at Enterprise Connect, Booth #619.  In addition, Vidyo will feature a demonstration of true 4K video with UHD content rendering in native resolution with multiple participants in full HD over its existing infrastructure; its ultra-small, software based VidyoRoom™ HD40 group solution integrated with the Logitech CC3000e PTZ camera and enterprise audio for less than $2,900; and its scalable H.265 technology delivering consistent HD quality over unmanaged networks at half the bit rate of H.264. Also, Vidyo’s in-browser capabilities will be featured in the WebRTC Pavilion at Enterprise Connect – with a demonstration of VidyoWeb and a technology demo of WebRTC connected to a Vidyo conference.  On Tuesday, March 18, at 1:30 pm, Vidyo will present: “The Secret to Building a Custom Video-Enabled Contact Center in Less than 90 Days,” at Booth #1239, 1:30 pm.

“Demand for video-enabled contact centers is being driven by enterprises that are looking to provide high touch, cost effective, personal interactions as a blended part of their business processes,” said Ofer Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of Vidyo. “With the VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design, developers can focus on the user interface of their Web app or other differentiators while Vidyo’s infrastructure provides amazing video, voice and content communication and collaboration experiences that dynamically adapt to the capabilities of consumer devices and networks.”

Building Contact Center Capabilities with VidyoWorks APIs
The VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design includes critical contact center capabilities such as queuing logic, and the ability to deliver context sensitive content to consumers on hold, collect and present consumer data for agent review, add subject matter experts or supervisors to a consumer interaction in real-time, support for scheduled and ad hoc consumer encounters, locally controllable video communication (up to HD) inside the browser, and much more.

Contact centers developed using this reference design are able to leverage Vidyo’s industry-leading VidyoRouter infrastructure for unmatched scalability and the highest quality experiences available in the market today over the public Internet and via consumer devices – from laptops and PCs to mobile phones and tablets.  VidyoWorks APIs offer Vidyo’s patented adaptive video and audio technology that uniquely enable reliable natural interactions using variable networks and devices. Vidyo is developing Scalable Video Coding (SVC) extensions for VP9 and WebRTC and will be leveraging its WebRTC collaboration with Google to drive an expected series of innovative consumer and enterprise solutions.

“The emergence of services such as Amazon Mayday has dramatically changed user expectations of video-enabled call centers,” said Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst, COMMfusion, LLC. “Video is becoming one of the desired means of communication between agent and user for a variety of use cases. Contact center vendors that fail to recognize and take action on this trend risk losing market share to more innovative video-enabled call centers.  By using solutions such as the VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design, contact center vendors can improve the user experience and enhance information exchange between agent and consumer, while reducing average agent time per encounter. This results in bottom line savings based, as well as improved customer retention.”

VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design is available now. To request information about VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design and VidyoWorks APIs, click here.

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