New capabilities and features extend Vidyo’s leadership in key industries including healthcare and financial services

Hackensack, NJ – November 7, 2017 – Vidyo, the global leader in embedded  video collaboration technology, today announced a streamlined product lineup that sets a new industry standard for cloud-based real-time video interaction. Vidyo’s product portfolio, delivered by the VidyoCloudTM platform, serves enterprise businesses with unparalleled quality video interaction at scale, from healthcare to financial services and virtually any other organization.

VidyoCloud is a powerful cloud-based video interaction platform that eases deployment and administration so that customers do not have to become video infrastructure and network experts. VidyoCloud powers two turn-key solutions, VidyoConnectTM and VidyoEngageTM, as well as the vidyo.ioTM platform-as-a-service offering which allows customers to embed rich interactive video into any workflow, application, or device.

VidyoConnect is an enterprise meeting solution for team collaboration that offers a high-quality unified experience across all endpoints, including mobile devices, desktop, and purpose-built conference rooms. For customers that manage a high volume of video communication inside their firewall, Vidyo offers a unique hybrid capability that manages video traffic within the corporate network.

VidyoEngage enhances interpersonal connections by enabling enterprises and healthcare systems to provide face-to-face video interaction with customers and patients, thereby increasing satisfaction and outcomes.

“Our enhanced product line reflects the direction that we see the market moving,” said Eran Westman, Vidyo President and CEO. “All of our solutions are delivered by our world-class VidyoCloud platform which is built upon our rich track record of innovation and invention. However, we see a clear distinction between the collaboration requirements that teams have for video conferencing (VidyoConnect) and the needs that enterprises have for effectively engaging with their customers (VidyoEngage). We also continue to emphasize and extend our open APIs delivered through our PaaS offering which truly empowers customers to reimagine the potential of embedded video interaction.”

The latest release of the Vidyo product portfolio includes several key new features and enhancements including:

  • The VidyoCloud platform is now powered by Vidyo’s latest codec, the industry’s first implementation of scalable VP9 optimized for real-time video interaction and built from the ground up for real-time video communications. This groundbreaking invention can significantly reduce CPU demand resulting in benefits including dramatically increased battery life for mobile devices.
  • Noise suppression to filter unwanted external sounds like keyboard tapping is now available in the VidyoCloud platform providing higher quality audio interactions.
  • Support for Xamarin and Electron have been added to allowing app development from a single code base thereby dramatically simplifying cross-platform application development cycles.
  • VidyoConnect has gained a sleek new unified user experience across all devices and endpoints – from mobile to soft rooms.
  • In line with Vidyo’s focus on telemedicine, stethoscope audio support as well as local and remote far-end camera control are now available.
  • DocuSign integration is available within VidyoEngage to support the completion of transactions in call to streamline processes and increase sales in industries like financial services.

It is exciting to see Vidyo combine its long-held reputation for top quality engineering with an emphasis on great user experience and a strong industry focus,” said enterprise communications analyst Dave Michels. “Vidyo’s customers can look forward to benefitting from the company’s cloud platform. They’ll automatically be able to take advantage of these and future product enhancements without having to worry about the costs and resource requirements to administer the infrastructure themselves.”

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