Enghouse Acquires Vidyo Q&A


Q1:  Who is Enghouse?

A1:  Enghouse Systems is a global software company that has opportunistically grown its portfolio by acquiring technology companies over its 35-year history. It is the parent company to three subsidiaries that each provide global SaaS solutions to various industry verticals:

  • Enghouse Interactive serves the Contact Center industry
  • Enghouse Networks serves the Telecommunications and Utilities verticals
  • Enghouse Transportation serves the Freight and Logistics industries

Our hallmark is steady, reliable growth.

Q2:  Why did Enghouse acquire Vidyo?

A2:   Vidyo is an excellent fit with Enghouse’s businesses and serves the very same verticals that Enghouse serves, including the Healthcare, Financial Services and Government sectors and both companies share a global footprint.

Vidyo’s Connect and Engage solutions add value to the solutions Enghouse offers, in particular, Enghouse Interactive’s Omni-channel Solutions sold to contact centers.

Enghouse is dedicated to creating winning customer experience both for our customers and their customers and Vidyo’s interactive video collaboration technology furthers that goal.

Q3:  What are your intentions/vision for what Enghouse plans to do with Vidyo the company and Vidyo’s technology, now and in the future?

A3:  The cornerstone of Enghouse’s reputation is stability and reliabilityAlthough these are early days, we can assure you that we are committed to Vidyo’s long-term viability and will remain in all of the industry verticals Vidyo serves today.

Our focus will be on continuing to serve you – our valued customer – and ensuring that Vidyo continues to earn your loyalty and your business.  We are accelerating the innovation roadmap to enhance Vidyo’s user experience, interface and call quality, ensuring our products perform to the high standards that you expect and deserve.  Development is already underway to introduce new features and functionality, including via the mobile channel.

Q4:  Will the name Vidyo be kept?

A4:  Moving forward, we’ll refer to ourselves as “Enghouse Vidyo”, however, the Vidyo name and branding will largely remain as is.  The new corporate branding for Vidyo is the logo that flanks the heading to this Q&A page, above.   

Q5Is Enghouse healthcare-focused, now and in the future?

A5:  Indeed it is – now more than ever – as this is a key vertical for BOTH companies.

Q6:  What will the go to market strategy be with Vidyo in the US, Canada and the rest of the world?

A6: We will continue to pursue and strengthen our competitive position within Healthcare, Financial Services, Enterprises, and Independent Software Vendors markets.  We will do this by continuing to empower our value-added reseller, referral, and technical/OEM partners teamed with our global sales organization. Enghouse’s ability to deliver Choice and Reliability to all parts of the globe is a considerable competitive advantage for Vidyo.

Q7:  Will you have sales reps in the US? 

A7:   Yes and look forward to expanding our ranks.

Q8:  Will you work through partners or be direct to the customer?

A8:  Both.  The Direct and Partner/Indirect Channels remain key sales channels for both companies and we will continue to expand both.

Q9:  Will Vidyo be cloud services only?

A9:  No.  We believe in offering our customer choice by providing delivery platform options that work best for our customers’ needs and preferences – Cloud, On-premises or a hybrid of the two. 

Q10:  What are the plans for on-premises solutions (i.e.; onsite infrastructure path)?

A10: Enghouse Vidyo plans to continue supporting on-premise customers and even extend our on-premise customer base, we would like to provide our customers choice of deployment models. From the product point of view, we will be offering similar functionality as much as possible for both on-premises and cloud customers, however, some functionalities can be introduced on the different deployment models in different timelines.

Q11:  What are the plans for Vidyo hardware codecs (i.e.; VidyoRoom systems plans/roadmap, HD2/HD3)?

A11: Vidyo will continue to provide hardware codecs such as HD2 and HD3 as well as new product we plan to bring to the market. As our approach is to provide our customers choice we are also working on providing a soft-room model where the customer can buy certified hardware from external sources and apply the licensed VidyoRoom software on top of it.

Q12:  What is the current status on end of life products previously sold by Vidyo?

A12: Products that were already announced as EOL will follow the timelines communicated originally, and can be viewed via our support site at https://support.vidyocloud.com/hc/en-us. Vidyo is committed to meeting all of its product support and maintenance formal commitments.

Q13:  What are your plans with Epic’s EMR (i.e.; deep integration, context-aware linking, Epic App Orchard requirements)?

A13:  The EPIC partnership has been, and will continue to be, key to Vidyo’s go-to-market approach. We are investing considerable resources to enhance the CAL integration, working closely with EPIC. We will support the APP Orchard and comply with EPIC policies. As for the deep integration, the policy around that is decided by EPIC and Vidyo is committed to supporting it.

Q14:  What is the status of FECC Development within VidyoConnect – support for VISCA control?

A14: FECC is supported on our VidyoConnect Desktop and Room clients and can be controlled from both Mobile and Connect. We continue to improve the user experience and functionality and extend the range of supported cameras. VISCA-controlled cameras are supported on VidyoRoom and are not planned to be supported on desktop.

Q15:  What are the plans for Vidyo WebRTC and providing more capacity per server?

A15: WebRTC is a key technology for Vidyo. To ensure we retain our leadership in both our client and platform implementation, we plan to enhance our capabilities including capacity. More information and timelines will be delivered in our roadmap webinars.

Q16:  What are the plans for API support, VidyoWorks, VidyoIO (e.g.; roadmap, moving on-premises to VidyoIO)?

A16:  Vidyo’s platform and its API have been, and will continue to be, a key offering for us. We will continue to offer APIs for both on-premise and cloud customers and as part of our direction to unify these offering and give our customer the option to choose. We will make the new simple APIs that are cloud-only today (vidyo.io) available to all our customers.

Q17: What are you plans with current Vidyo integrations with other solutions, such as EKO, Tytocare, etc.?

A17: We will continue supporting all existing integrations and all the agreements we have with 3rd parties that are in place. New medical device integrations are planned as part of our 12-month roadmap that we will be presenting on our roadmap webinars.

Q18:  What level and types of support will be provided to customers?

A18: Vidyo offers, and will continue to offer and enhance, direct and indirect (through a partner) support packages, based in the United States and abroad, ranging from business hours, 24/5 and 24/7 hours coverage for both cloud and on-premises customers.