Vidyo Receives Award for an Outstanding Telehealth Solution

Oct 21, 2021 | Awards

LaRazon best telehealth solution award acceptanceWhile the worst of the pandemic appears to be behind us as vaccination rates continue to rise, there is one thing that does not appear to be going away anytime soon: telehealth. At their peak in April 2020, telehealth visits had skyrocketed to 78 times the level in February and have since stabilized at 38 times pre-COVID levels. Additionally, utilization is reported to be as much as 17% of visits across all specialties[1]. Just as the public health crisis necessitated telehealth to meet the needs and safety concerns of physicians and patients, it has spurred innovation and investments. However, when choosing a telehealth solution, you want to choose a HIPAA-compliant tried-and-true platform that seamlessly integrates with electronic health records, medical devices, and digital devices.

Driven to meet these objectives, and reach more patients across the continuum of care, reduce readmissions, improve health outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction, Enghouse Vidyo offers an end-to-end solution for virtual healthcare delivery. Every day, millions of people connect through Vidyo’s secure cloud-based communication platform, trusting it for some of their most intimate important health-related conversations. What clearly differentiates VidyoHealth are the capabilities to provide customers with an end to end robust solution, that tailors to their requirements with back end integrations like patient portals, cutting edge medical devices, translation services and more.

Across the globe, telehealth has become just as important to make critical health services available amidst the global pandemic, especially as some countries continue to see fluctuations in new COVID cases[2]. As a company with international reach, Enghouse Vidyo addresses the telehealth needs of countries such as Spain.

Alexandre Miguel Franco Carinhas after receiving the award

On October 14, 2021, Enghouse Vidyo was named ”Best Telemedicine Solution” at the Wellbeing and Quality of Life Awards sponsored by the Spanish newspaper La Razón. Vidyo’s Regional Sales Manager, Alexandre Miguel Franco Carinhas, received the award on behalf of the company from the director of La Razón, Francisco Marhuenda, and the former minister of health and current second vice-president of Congress, Ana Pastor.

“We are honored to have the VidyoHealth solution named by such a prestigious global media organization as a leader. At a time when U.S. and global health systems are rapidly adopting telehealth functionality as part of an ongoing post-covid strategy to deliver more patient-centric care, it’s essential that healthcare executives appreciate the differences between one platform and another above and beyond HIPAA compliance.” –  Reuben Tozman, general manager, Enghouse Vidyo

The award is a testament to the years of hard work invested by the Vidyo team and their efforts to make critical telehealth solutions available. Throughout the pandemic, telehealth services have been essential to providing medical services to patients in Spain and around the globe. The immersive and easy-to-use platform can seamlessly support collaborative interdisciplinary care with improved outcomes and long-term cost savings. Plus, Vidyo’s telehealth solution provides a scalable, flexible option that is reliable in today’s healthcare environment.

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen that rapid adoption of telehealth solutions works well, even in complex healthcare environments. Patients have embraced telehealth opportunities that offer them convenience, flexibility, and access to the care they may have not otherwise been able to access readily. With the award from La Razón, Vidyo is proud to see the impact that telehealth is having in reaching more patients across the care continuum.



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