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Stratus Video is a remote interpretation application that works with telehealth solutions, enabling on-demand access to medically qualified interpreters to support virtual patient/provider encounters.

Its services support the mission of healthcare organizations to provide the best possible care for all patients. The ability to communicate and understand care instructions in a health setting is something many take for granted. Stratus Video helps eliminate communication barriers between patients and providers, limited English proficient, deaf, or hard of hearing patients to guarantee improved patient outcomes.

Stratus’ primary goal is to make communities healthier. To achieve this, its equipped providers with immediate access to thousands of professional interpreters who are all culturally competent, medically qualified, and extensively trained in medical terminology. Thus, eliminating inaccurate interpretations.

Stratus Video has partnered with leading healthcare organizations across the nation. Its services are in over 1,900 hospitals and clinics, with over 65,000 devices in use. It also currently has over 3,000 interpreters employed through its platform. Stratus’ prides itself on the extensive requirements and experience its interpreters require to represent the company, including training, quality assurance, and code of professional conduct (Stratus Video, 2022).

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