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TytoCare is transforming virtual care delivery by bringing clinical exam data to a virtual care visit. Its solutions are designed to enable a comprehensive medical exam from any location using a hand-held, all-in-one tool for heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat, abdomen, and body temperature.

TytoCare allows patients to get a diagnosis and prescription from a doctor, after performing and submitting a virtual medical exam with just a smartphone. The TytoCare package includes a full-stack platform and exam kit for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

More than 100 health organizations use its services, with over 160,000 users. It also has a 95% satisfaction score. It offers patients the option to use their existing provider, or choose from one of TytoCare’s network of doctors.

TytoCare’s platform averages $7,200 in savings per patient and is about 30% more efficient than traditional patient care experiences (TytoCare, 2022).

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