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Today, Vidyo and IDSolutions in partnership deploy the power of cloud-based solutions to offer instant telehealth support to their customers when they need it most.
Using recently developed capabilities from Epic, Vidyo has created a turnkey integration of VidyoConnect into the most popular Epic solutions such as Hyperspace, Canto, and Haiku using context-aware linking.
Telehealth Adoption Report Cover
The results of our survey of 275 clinicians, IT professionals, and hospital administrators indicate that telehealth and remote patient monitoring are top priorities.
Advanced ICU Care Case Study
Advanced ICU incurred shorter ICU stays, reduced complications, and saved more lives using telehealth to provide critical care to remote hospitals.
Virtual Care At Home
You’ll discover effective ways to overcome adoption barriers, key insights from healthcare professionals, and use cases to guide you along your virtual care journey.
SB EmergentCare Cover
Learn how an integrated virtual care solution can maximize your urgent and emergent care capabilities and minimize unnecessary ED transfers.
Iron Bow vClinic Preview
Discover an easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable clinical communications solution to improve outcomes, and reduce lengths of stay and readmissions.
Ambulatory Care Preview
Learn how to expand patient access and improve outcomes using an integrated video solution across mobile, desktop, and web platforms.
Post-Acute Care Cover
Discover how to contain costs, enhance clinical efficiency, and improve outcomes in post-acute environments, delivering a world-class virtual experience for patients.
SB Real Time Telehealth Workflows Epic Cover
Learn how new context-aware linking capabilities from Epic enhance patient workflows, offering more satisfying virtual care experiences and better outcomes.
Doctor and Patient
Learn how to develop a successful virtual healthcare strategy, from identifying and overcoming common barriers to measuring its overall performance.
Oschner Health System saw a 100% increase in telestroke evaluations and a 50% reduction in ER lengths of stay using Vidyo.