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Invo Video Banking

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Invo Solutions provides industry leading video banking solutions for financial institutions and related industries.

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Invo Video Banking allows customers to access an expert in their financial institution by leveraging video technology. The Invo platform allows clients to provide three channels to their customers: in-branch, web and mobile. Our technology routes calls to an appropriate expert, collects customer documents, and allows signing from anywhere. In addition, our custom reporting provides detailed information for each interaction.

  • 96.4% positive experience rating
  • 3:1 Desk to Employee Ratio
  • 50% increase in cross-sales
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Founded in 2012, Invo Solutions was created to develop a better video banking experience. Backed by 40+ years’ experience in the financial institution industry, Invois focused on creating solutions geared to reduce customer wait time, while creating a seamless customer experience. Its start-to-finish software solution is backed by 7 years of proven aggregate data. Pioneers in the video software space, Invo has created a cross-industry product.

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