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Vidyo Integration for Telehealth
Appointment Optimization

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Comprehensive device evaluations
to improve a patient’s telehealth experience

Vidyo Partner

With the partnership of Vidyo, Inc a leader in embedded video telehealth solutions, and Element Blue a leader in intelligent automation and digital experience, pre-appointment device evaluation, and data analytics can now be provided to the health system to ensure patients have successful telehealth appointments.

  • The solutions produce insights to ensure patient compliance, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance clinical outcomes while keeping costs under control
  • A recent hospital survey reports that 98% had a positive experience with having their device checked out before the telemedicine visit
  • Hospital had a noticeable drop in help center call volume causing average wait times to reduce from 60 minutes to just under 15 minutes
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Element Blue enables healthcare systems to transform the patient experience and reduce costs in both clinical and business environments through increased personalization and robotic process automation (RPA). The practice’s solutions impact patient access, referrals, digital marketing ,and the revenue cycle at the most critical stages of the customer journey, resulting in a seamless encounter across the system.


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