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In an automated world Vpod is keeping tech personal, powerful and painless
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Vpod creates secure, flexible, and human-centric solutions that put people back at the heart of your interactions. By keeping interactions face-to-face, and with powerful information-sharing abilities, our platform ensures your business’ core engagement processes deliver measurable, valuable results.

Vpod specialises in providing for the needs of modern customer engagement to make the most efficient and effective use of time. Vpod is a complete solution consisting of strategy, software, hardware, environment, content and support.

  • Save 80% compared to physical resource
  • Increase revenue by 400%
  • Improve customer engagement
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Founded in 2008, Vpod has an ever-expanding list of customers from fast growing start-ups to established enterprise organisations. In 2010 Vpod became part of a multinational group of companies with generations of experience in product manufacturing. With offices in London, California and a state of the art 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Germany. Vpod is able to service its customers and guarantee delivery and quality globally.

The Vpod team is a group of passionate, dedicated and driven individuals with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, ages and aspirations. They combine expertise in innovation, product design, technology, manufacturing, creativity, customer focus and global delivery.


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